Meet the Artist

Alex designing Christmas cards.

Alex’s teacher, Tess, began having Alex draw and color for her, and under her tutelage, the results were simply stunning. A wooden sculpture of Balinese lady became an intricate study of detail in watercolor pencil; a pencil sketch of trestle bridge at the Ballard locks showed his amazing ability to use light and shadow to indicate three-dimensional realism and proportion. Continuing to stretch his use of color and his own creativity, Tess asked Alex to push himself farther – which can be very hard for him. But through the struggles, breakthroughs, tears – and hugs – came even more outstanding work: The Peacock Feather. The Flames. And his largest work to date, The Koi.


Also forged was a wonderful bond between student and teacher, and when Alex with his family moved from Seattle to Chicago in 2013, it was a painful transition for both of them. But the blessings continue as Alex is now studying with Tricia Saviano, at her Artisticology studio in West Dundee, IL, where Alex is continuing to grow and work in other media including acrylic paint and three-dimensional works. And, he has been able to make periodic trips with his family back to Seattle to keep up his work with Tess as well.


Now a teenager, Alex is a high school student, where he takes life skills courses and visits with Tricia on a regular basis throughout the week. He loves his teachers, his art tutors and his artwork – and he loves sharing it with others. Thanks to the angels in his life, he has taught us that everyone has something special to contribute, celebrate and share.