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The Koi

Available as a greeting card, and 8 x 10 print

This project was inspired by Tess, who wanted Alex to really stretch and challenge himself to go further with his watercolor pencils than he ever had before. She took him to see the large koi swimming in a rock pond at the nearby garden center. Alex and Tess took a picture of a beautiful koi that Alex would use for his guide. As with all his pieces, he was quite meticulous. Drawing  the fine detail of all the fish scales and seaweed, then using his brush to blend the watercolor pencil drawing, took 18 months to complete!

Night Reflections

Available as a greeting card, and 8 x 10 print

His first major project created with his new mentor in suburban Chicago (Tricia Saviano in March 2014), Night Reflctions is Alex’s creative interpretation of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Every new project produces new challenges, and Alex had always worked mostly with pencil, which allowed for correction. This piece introduced Alex to acrylic paints and “paint as you go” work. He learned to accommodate “imperfections” and adjust accordingly, and was quite proud of himself when he finished.

The Peacock Feather

Available as a greeting card, and 8 x 10 print

Alex has always loved the colorful peacock feather. Decision-making can be very difficult for Alex, but he easily chose to draw the feather, using colored pencil, when Tess offered him the choice of what to draw (2011). His meticulous attention to detail is obvious as you see each little “hair” on the feather! This picture has become a favorite of many of his followers.


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