Nothing better than a smile
September 30, 2020

Nothing better than a smile

One of the great blessings of life with Alex is catching this smile. It's the one with the corner of his mouth turned up and with a knowing look in his eyes. That's when we know he's happy and...

Diff'rent strokes...
August 25, 2020

Diff'rent strokes...

We are celebrating the completion of Alex's latest work -- Flowering White! The piece shows how the beauty of white when set off from a range of color, but it could also be called different strokes...

More than a paycheck
August 14, 2020

More than a paycheck

This one's not about art, but it's a big deal in the Schlueter household. Here we see the envelope containing Alex's second paycheck from his new job. A couple/three times a week, Alex and a couple...

Autism Awareness Heart

Alex’s art –and his heart

We often say how Alex has taught us much more than we can ever teach him. He has literally illustrated that people with special needs have wonderful talents. He has introduced us to so manyangels on this earth –teachers, community officials, volunteers, healthcare givers, family and friends.And even during our tough days, he has taught us that in the end, his heart shines through, and love will win.

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Alex the Artist's Gallery Highlights

Boats and fish, bouquets and feathers – Alex has enjoyed describing all of nature with his artwork.  We believe it’s his way of telling us how much he loves the beauty that surrounds us.  So take a look – and gaze at stars, relax from the view of a fishing canoe, or feel the sun and fun of a happy boat ride. You will find all of this and more in Alex’s gallery!

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Meet the Artist - Alex Schlueter

Meet the Artist

Alex Schlueter is a very special artist and young man. Diagnosed with autism at age three, Alex also demonstrated remarkable artistic ability at a very early age, with a natural ability to illustrate perspective, shading and attention to detail beyond what would be expected from a young child.

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